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Monday, March 26, 2018

DARK OF THE SUN From Warner Archive On Blu !!!!


     After wishing for it a couple posts down Warner Archive has announced a Blu of Jack Cardiff's great sweaty action adventure DARK OF THE SUN from 1968. Announced at Wondercon along with Sergio Leone's THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES ( with a sweaty Rory Calhoun) they will be released later this year.
     Along with the historical interest of being Leone's first credited director film (he did some uncredited work on a couple of early films) THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES is a pretty fun peplum with some terrific miniature work during the climatic earthquake. Rory looks a bit out of place but there's some nifty sequences including a sword fight on the massive statue of the title (with Rory crawling out the ear!) and Lea Massari as the heroine is pretty easy on the eyes. Great stuff and these make for a terrific double feature.


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