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Sunday, September 3, 2017


     Kino Lorber have confirmed the future release of this much requested Robert Siodmak 1946 thriller. Long OOP on DVD this is a gorgeous exercise in Gothic opulence and can be looked upon as proto-giallo (Dario Argento has cited this as an influence).
    Dorothy Mcguire plays a  young mute girl who is hired as a caregiver for an elderly matron (a wonderful Ethel Barrymore) while at the same time a killer is stalking the area whose targeting woman with physical afflictions. Also with George Brent as Barrymore's son and Val Lewton vet Kent Smith as a kindly local doctor.
    As a director of several excellent film noirs Siodmak along with art director Albert S. D'Agostino & cinematographer Nicholas Musuraca combine to create a visual feast of B&W eye candy. Complete with thunderstorms, a spooky Victorian mansion, lots of shadows (and of course a spiral staircase) it makes for prefect nighttime (or anytime) viewing.
    No release date has been confirmed but hopefully it will be sooner rather then later.

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