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Thursday, January 28, 2016

99 RIVER STREET Coming to Blu

"Rips into you like a double crossing dame !"

    Although they haven't set a definitive street date yet. Kino have announced that 99 RIVER STREET is coming out later this year on blu-ray. Directed by the great Phil Karlson, this gritty little 1953 B&W crime drama features a perpetually pissed off John Payne as a down and out boxer who as straddled with bitchy & two timing wife Peggie Castle finds himself framed for murder. While attempting to clear himself he beats up up scads of low life criminals and along the way enlists the help of the wonderful Evelyn Keyes (in what is probably her finest performance) and character actor Frank Faylen. With atmospheric cinematography by Franz Planer (with some really excellent boxing sequences) it also features Brad Dexter along lots of squalid hotel rooms, dingy bars and of course Karlson's trademark lean, mean & tight direction. 
   Currently available through MGM on their MOD program this will be a must buy (for me at least) and anytime we can get more Phil Karlson on blu-ray it's a good thing.

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