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Saturday, July 4, 2015



     Coming Aug. 11 on blu-ray is this 1968 John Wayne adventure actioner from Universal. Anytime Universal releases a catalog title on blu-ray, its a cause for celebration and in addition with it being a John Wayne vehicle, its cause for a double hip hip hooray.  A "G" rated rough & tumble action spectacle, this is one of Wayne's best "popcorn" movies and has pretty much everything you want in a later period "Duke" movie - John Wayne being John Wayne while surrounded by a bunch of his buddies including Bruce Cabot, Vera Miles, J.C. Flippen and Batjac stalwart Edward Faulkner.
    Wayne and co. operate an oil well fire blowout company (based upon the real life Red Adair) all while juggling various romantic and family issues - including Vera Miles as Wayne's sorta ex-wife, Katherine Ross as his estranged daughter and Jim Hutton as Wayne's cohort and love interest for Ross.
    Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen it combines a bit of his & Wayne & previous collaboration (MCLINTOCK from 1963) and Wayne's Howard Hawks directed HATARI ! from 1962 with its touch of light comedy, fistfights, semi-comedic love and/or marriage problems and initially unwelcome female characters intruding on Wayne's male dominated world. With its explosions, billowing fires and bright red fireman's jumpsuits this should look beautiful on blu-ray.

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