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Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Adolfo Celi


    A very special  Birthday remembrance  goes out today for Bond villain and character actor extraordinaire Adolfo Celi. Born in Sicily on this day in 1922, he passed away on Feb. 19 1986.  He played on the more unforgettable (and one of the more sadistic) Bond villains in 1966's THUNDERBALL and in the next year was in OPERATION KID BROTHER - a Bond knock-off starring Sean Connery's younger brother Neil. He also appeared in VON RYAN"S EXPRESS (1965) and Mario Bava's DANGER DIABOLIK in 1968.
   Over the ensuing decades he carved out a solid career in euro thrillers, spy and crime movies with his commanding presence looming over them and becoming one of the more recognizable faces in Italian cinema.

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