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Monday, June 1, 2015

NAVAJO JOE Coming on Blu

    Kino Lorber has announced this Sergio Corbucci 1966 spaghetti western for release this Aug. Previously available in Germany on blu, this is one of the better "2nd tier" spaghetti westerns. Navajo Indian Burt Reynolds (with a really bad wig) vows revenge on a gang of outlaws who massacred his tribe and embarks on a one man killing spree all the while accompanied by a great Ennio Morricone score (one of my favorites of his).
   Allegedly Burt signed for this under the impression that this was to be a Sergio Leone project and tried to back out once he discovered it was Corbucci (oops -wrong Sergio). Producer Dino De Laurentiis was hoping to replicate the success of Leon's "Dollar" movies, so he hired another former American TV western actor and originally titled the film A DOLLAR A HEAD. Burt has often made fun of the movie, but its actually pretty good - its got Fernando Rey, the very beautiful Franca Polesello (who was also in the great Italian heist film GANGSTERS '70 from 1968) along with lots of killing, bloodshed (and Ennio Morricone !).

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