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Sunday, June 14, 2015



    Warner has just released Michael Curtiz's DODGE CITY from 1939 on blu -ray. Keeping with its western setting it features mostly a brown & ochre color scheme (although some of those neckerchiefs, gingham shirts & dance hall costumes really pop out), but none the less its a ravishing example of early technicolor and hopefully this will usher some Errol Flynn classics on blu-ray
   The first (and best IMO) of Flynn's westerns DODGE CITY with its technicolor, railroads & cattle drives has a sweeping almost epic feel to it and is a perfect example of the studio system firing on all cylinders. Along the teaming of Flynn and De Havilland (their fifth of eight movies together) it features the cream of Warner Bros. stock company including Ann Sheridan (with a bit to much time given over to her saloon numbers), Bruce Cabot, Frank McHugh, Alan Hale (one of 13 films he shared with Flynn), John Litel, Guinn "Big Boy" Williams, Victor Jory & Douglas Fowley.

   The somewhat simple plot (all around cowboy/adventurer Flynn is gradually goaded into cleaning up lawless frontier town) is fleshed out with various colorful characters as Flynn gradually perks the romantic interest of de Havilland while going against evil town boss Cabot. Flynn looks a bit uncomfortable in his western gear (he wears his gun like a child would a toy gun) but his charisma and overall likable cocky attitude more then make up for his western persona deficiencies (its always amusing in these how they insert into the plot the story of his round about trip from New Zealand or some such place to the American west).
    The movies features one of the all time great western saloon brawls, a burning runaway train climax and the scene where a befuddled Alan Hale goes to the temperance meeting is classic.

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