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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Beach Movies on Blu


     Awhile back Olive Films issued a pair of the 1960's A.I.P. "beach movies" on blu-ray. In what we hope will be an on-going release schedule, but for some reason Olive has released the 2nd and 5th films in the series first (that is if you count 1964's PAJAMA PARTY - which I do) with 1964's MUSCLE BEACH PARTY and 1965's BEACH BLANKET BINGO being the initial releases (which could be looked at as a Don Rickles double feature).
    I've always considered MUSCLE BEACH PARTY one of the weaker entries in the series. It's still a lot of fun, but the absence of Harvey Lembeck as Count Von Zipper is felt and expect for Don Rickles (in his first of three appearances in the series- see also below) the supporting cast comedy -wise is a bit weak, as even the usually maniacal Buddy Hackett is subdued. It does however have the presence of Bond girl extraordinaire Luciana Paluzzi (THUNDERBALL & THE GREEN SLIME) and features a great musical score with appearances by Dick Dale and Stevie Wonder, along with musical contributions from Gary Usher, Roger Christian & Brian Wilson. A pre- MISSION IMPOSSIBLE Peter Lupus appears as one of the body builders under his "Rock Stevens" name that he used in the Italian sword & sandal movies he was appearing in at the same time. Both BINGO & MUSCLE also feature vocal performances from  the 5'4" singing dynamo "Dr. Pepper Girl" Donna Loren.


    BEACH BLANKET BINGO is generally considered "the best" of the series by fans and it does have all the classic elements in play including Harvey Lembeck's Eric Von Zipper and as with the earlier BIKINI BEACH (which had drag racing), it does attempt to mix things up a bit with sky diving introduced into the plot. it's also a bit of an anomaly in the series in that John Ashley plays an outsider of the gang. Plus it's got the deranged Timothy Carey making his second appearance in the series as South Dakota Slim (" Leave it to Slim...., I got ideas and their all vile, booby"), the unbelievable Bobbi Shaw, Playboy Playmates Patti Chandler & Donna Michelle, a pre LOST IN SPACE Marta Kristen as  a mermaid, The Hondells, Paul Lynde, Jody McCrea in a Rat Fink fat and of course the great Don Rickles.

All the above screen captures are from the Olive blu-rays

    Although with obviously not a lot of time and money being spent on cleanup, both films look fine with strong colors and nice punchy audio (I remember when I was excited about pan & scanned laser discs of these). Hopefully the rest will follow from Olive along with other A.I.P. goodies. Also recently released was THE WILD ANGELS (Nancy Sinatra as a biker babe !) and PSYCH-OUT (Jack Nicholson as a pony tailed leader of rock group). Cool Stuff !!

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