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Thursday, January 15, 2015

THUNDER ROAD Coming on Blu !!

   Coming on April 7 from Shout Factory is this classic piece of American cinema. Produced, co- written and starring Robert Mitchum this is ground zero for the entire moonshine/hicksploitation genre that would fill southern drive-in screens in the coming decades. Released in 1958, Mitchum also composed the opening song ("Whip-poor-will") and although Arthur Ripley is the director of record rumor has that Mitchum himself actually handled the majority of the directorial duties. 
  Filmed in & around Asheville, NC in glorious B&W with Mitchum playing moonshine runner Lucas Doolin and featuring souped up Fords that sound the way cars should, this release is something to get very excited about.
  The role of Mitchum's brother although played in movie by his son James was originally offered to Elvis Presley, but Col. Parker nixed the idea. Bear Family is releasing the soundtrack next month with bunches of extra stuff including Mitchum's later re-recording of the opening song as "The Ballad of Thunder Road".

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  1. Everyone in the great state of North Carolina should be required to have this in their home.