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Saturday, January 31, 2015


   Here's some behind the scenes shots from Sam Peckinpah's JUNIOR BONNER. I especially like the one of Steve showing off his lasso skills. Released in 1972 it sadly seems to have fallen off the radar a bit in recent years, which is a shame as its an excellent movie and really deserves much wider recognition. Perhaps Peckinpah's most gentle and lyrical film it stars Steve McQueen as an aging rodeo star who returns to his hometown of Prescott, AZ. to compete in the annual rodeo celebration.
   Along with McQueen (who does most of his own stunts) it also features a touching performance by Robert Preston as his father along with Ben Johnson, Joe Don Baker and Barbara Leigh -who was McQueen's girlfriend for awhile and (almost) Vampirella in the unmade Hammer production.
  The current DVD isn't even anamorphic and since we're even getting CONVOY later this year, I'd say we're long overdue for a nice blu-ray.

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