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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where's My DVD ?? # 2 - LITTLE FAUSS AND BIG HALSY 1970

    Although marketed and promoted as a "motorcycle" film 1970's LITTLE FAUSS AND BIG HALSY is actually more of a combination character study & 70's road movie about a couple of guys who happen to race motorcycles, along with at it's core a very moving story concerning friendship. One of the producers was Brad Dexter (yes, that Brad Dexter) and director Sidney J. Furie has a career going back to DR. BLOOD'S COFFIN (1961) - which continues to this day.
   Featuring a career best performance by Robert Redford as Halsy, a 100% SOB that you can't help but root for and Micheal J Pollard (Fauss) in one of his patented portrayals of a somewhat dim bulb loser (who more often then not ends up stealing whatever movie his in). Plus you got Noah Berry Jr. & Lucille Benson as Pollards's parents (who look & sound uncannily just like you'd expect Pollard's parents to be), model Lauren Hutton (in her first role) as a wayward hippie they pick up along the way and some familiar 70's faces including Linda Gaye Scott and Ray Ballard.
  Buried on double & triple drive-in bills upon its release it always been rather hard to see as supposedly Redford hates this movie, because as a result of the success of ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN it began popping up on TV screens and he felt embarrassed by it. The available pan & scan copies floating around "out there"all but destroy cinematographer Ralph Woosley's widescreen desert vista's. Originally released by Paramount, hopefully with Olive's distribution deal with them we'll see a legit release one day.

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