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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Where's My DVD ?? # 1 - DEADLINE U.S.A. 1952

   I love old newspaper movies and this is one of the best. Humphrey Bogart plays the crusading editor of THE DAY, a soon to be out of business daily paper. Written & directed by Richard Brooks, it clocks in at a snappy 87 min. (never stopping to catch its breath) and in addition features a cracker jack supporting cast including Kim Hunter, Ed Begley, Paul Stewart, Jim Backus, Warren Stevens and Ethel Barrymore. Also popping up is Joe Sawyer who's mug was a standard fixture in Warner Bros. movies of the 30's and 40's either playing second heavy on the right or the neighborhood cop. Audrey Christie plays the usual tough as nails female reporter who sits on the edge of her desk and snaps off one liners to her male counterparts (and has a wonderful speech in a barroom wake for the closing newspaper). James Dean is rumored to show up in a bit part as a copy boy.

   Bogie and his reporters are out to bust mobster Thomas Rienzi (Martin Gabel) with the kicker being the paper has been sold and only has one night left to stay in business. In this day and age its hard to believe that are still some Bogart movies that have yet to make an appearance on home video but there are (in fact I believe there's a few of them). DEADLINE - U.S.A. showed up briefly on DVD in Italy but other then that has strangely fallen through the cracks. It runs on TCM every year or so and is well worth seeking out (and nobody else can do the bow tie thing like Humphrey Bogart).

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  1. Thank God for TCM - which allows us to see so many great movies somehow denied their day on home video! I haven't seen this one, but I'll look for it - you can't go wrong with Bogie!